• 3 x Malaria Rapid Test Kits

  • 3 x Pairs of gloves

  • 1 x Digital thermometer

  • 1 x Credit card type Malaria Warning Card

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Malaria Rapid Test Kits

Your lifeline

in remote areas

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How does the test kit work?

How does it work?

  • Single use malaria rapid tests dor use by lay persons

  • No special training required

  • "How to use" instructions included

  • Multiple tests available for repeat testing

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Malaria Facts

Malaria Facts

  • Malaria kills almost 1 million people in Africa each year

  • Malaria can be detected and treated

  • Early malaria treatment can saves lifes

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Who can benefit from Malaria Rapid Test Kits?


  • Corporate Travellers - Executives, Engineers, Bankers, Lawyers & Consultants

  • Expatriate Workers - Oil & Gas, Mining & Construction

  • Recreational Travellers - Hunting, Diving, 4x4 Safari & Adventure Travel

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Why you need a Malaria Rapid Test Kit for your journey?


  • Early MALARIA detection & treatment is the key to prevent serious malaria

  • Reliable Malaria Rapid Tests able to detect MALARIA within 15 min

  • Sensitive and Specific to test 4 species of malaria

  • Approved by World Health Organisation (WHO)
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What is Malaria?

Malaria is a life threatening infectious disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite and is transmitted to people through bites of infected mosquitoes.

How does the test kit work?

How does the test kit work? The test has been designed for use by non-healthcare providers. No special training required.

Who can benefit?

Corporate Travellers - engineers, Expatriate Workers - oil and gas, Recreational Travellers - hunting and diving.

Why do you need a test kit?

Why do you need a Malaria Rapid Test Kit? High quality and reliable Malaria Rapid Tests are able to detect malaria within 15 minutes of application.

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