• 3 x Malaria Rapid Test Kits

  • 3 x Pairs of gloves

  • 1 x Digital thermometer

  • 1 x Credit card type Malaria Warning Card

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Malaria Rapid Test Kits

Your lifeline

in remote areas

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How does the test kit work?

How does it work?

  • Single use malaria rapid tests dor use by lay persons

  • No special training required

  • "How to use" instructions included

  • Multiple tests available for repeat testing

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Malaria Facts

Malaria Facts

  • Malaria kills almost 1 million people in Africa each year

  • Malaria can be detected and treated

  • Early malaria treatment can saves lifes

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Who can benefit from Malaria Rapid Test Kits?


  • Corporate Travellers - Executives, Engineers, Bankers, Lawyers & Consultants

  • Expatriate Workers - Oil & Gas, Mining & Construction

  • Recreational Travellers - Hunting, Diving, 4x4 Safari & Adventure Travel

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Why you need a Malaria Rapid Test Kit for your journey?


  • Early MALARIA detection & treatment is the key to prevent serious malaria

  • Reliable Malaria Rapid Tests able to detect MALARIA within 15 min

  • Sensitive and Specific to test 4 species of malaria

  • Approved by World Health Organisation (WHO)
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  • VAT will be charged to all VAT registered companies in South Africa paying in South African Rand. (ZAR)
  • No VAT to be charged for foreign companies paying in US Dollar. (USD)
  • Minimum order of 50 Malaria Rapid Test Kits. Dual tests/refill packs only sold to existing clients.
  • Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.
  • Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
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